The Embassy of Sweden has, in close cooperation with both Jordanian and international partners, taken the initiative to organise a “Festival of Alternative Arts”, from December 2010 to February 2011

The “Festival of Alternative Arts”, will include the exhibition “Gaza Graffiti”

Inspired by the “Gaza Graffiti” book by Mia Gröndahl, which will open on 26 January 2011, at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts.

the purpose of this festival is to encourage alternative forms of expression and to help launch a debate amongst artists and citizens about the nature of art

The festival comes in partnership with Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Royal Film Commission, Children’s Museum, Al-Balad Theatre, Hamzet Wasel, UNRWA, Danish Programme Office, Books@café, Jacaranda Images, Aramram, Philadelphia Skaters,* Ikbis* and Zeenko Comics, and a number of independent artists.

you can watch many videos of this festival on the Swedish Embassy channel on ikbis

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